Organic Rosemary Seasoned Celtic Sea Salt® Blend

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Organic Rosemary Seasoned Celtic Sea Salt® Blend (3.7 oz)
Inspire the chef (or grill master) in all of us!

Rosemary Salt is a versatile, classic, savory herbal flavoring that is perfect as a rub, used in an oil-based marinade, or with a butter paste for poultry, beef or pork. Use as an everyday addition to egg dishes or roasted vegetables, or during the holidays with poultry and stuffing to bring a wonderful aroma to your cooking. Whether you’re trying to impress dinner guests or just want to enjoy nuanced gourmet flavors, you can’t miss with our Organic Rosemary Seasoned Celtic Sea Salt® Blend!

“As a chef, I am always looking for ways to be creative without sacrificing the integrity of the ingredients. At Selina Naturally®, it is always our priority to offer products that are supportive nutritionally and also bring fun and flavor into the kitchen, as this is part of improving quality of life. The harvesting and production methods align well with who we are as a company. We are excited to share these new seasoned blends and to support organic and family farming.” ~ Carla Delangre

Certified organic by CCOF.

If you are looking for iodine support, please order S-CVEG, our gourmet iodine seaweed seasoning.

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USDA Organic


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Celtic Sea Salt®, Organic Rosemary
Size:'  3.7 oz (105g)