Makai Pure® Sea Salt (1/2 lb)

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Celtic Sea Salt®- Makai Pure® Gourmet Sea Salt

Ma-kai – [muh-kahy] – Hawaiian for seaward; towards the sea

Naturally-occurring, naturally balanced, bioavailable minerals
This pristine ocean sea salt provides 2% of your daily value of calcium and magnesium per serving and also contains potassium and selenium, plus many trace elements such as copper, iron, zinc, manganese and chromium. Enjoy its smooth flavor as a superior gourmet sea salt. This remarkable mineral-rich sea salt is harvested using a sustainable, proprietary method which leaves vital minerals intact.

Convenient and Kosher
This kosher salt is great in a grinder, but when used as a whole crystal, it dissolves on the taste buds with a sublime flavor. It is so pure that it is ideal for a neti pot.

Certified Kosher Verified

This exquisite sea salt is highly recommended by Donna Gates, Founder of The Body Ecology Diet.

If you are looking for iodine support, please order S-CVEG, our gourmet iodine seaweed seasoning.

Everyday Cooking

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Gluten Free




Detailed Information

Contains 390mg of sodium per serving compared to 590mg in table salt.

Contains 2% of suggested daily value of calcium and magnesium.

Country of Origin:'  Product of USA

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