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Celtic River Salts®

Celtic Sea Salt® Brand introduces a new Celtic River Salts®.

Selina Naturally®, the home of the Celtic Sea Salt® brand, is excited to bring to market a new concept of sea salt, “River Salt”. The new line “Celtic River Salts®” comes in a variety of three different categories of salt.

A first to the market low sodium liquid spray salt. This spray salt can be used on a prepared dish or used in manufacturing for a perfect low sodium compliment to the product.

The second of these Celtic River Salts® is a Flaked Flavored River Salt, Salt Flakes®, a range of spice-infused salts that enhance the flavors and textures of every dish. Available in five flavors, Balsamic Vinegar, Charcoal, Grilled Meat, Aromatic Herbs (all purpose), and 5 Peppers.

Thank you for choosing and trusting my Brand for over 45 years now! We have been dedicated to always source responsibly and discover the finest, most exotic salts of the world. Celtic River Salts® are created by the means of artisanal extraction from the subterranean rivers and dried by the sun and wind. With no bleaches or additives, the salt retains all of its original minerals and trace elements, making it worthy of its reputation.