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When you know the answer, you’ll never sprinkle plain table salt again

All of our sea salts are naturally harvested from the ocean according to traditional methods, which assures that all of the nutritious natural minerals remain intact. These natural minerals balance the sodium content and help your body metabolize it. They also enrich the taste.

The unique combination of minerals in natural sea salt provides optimal nutrition for the normal functions of the body. In fact, the composition of naturally harvested sea salt replicates the natural mineral content of the water in your body.

Compare the natural excellence we’ve described with ordinary table salt. It’s processed by mechanical means. It is dried at high temperatures, a destructive process that strips the minerals from the sodium. It is also treated with artificial drying and anti-caking ingredients, so it flows smoothly from a salt shaker.

As a result of the destruction of the integrity of the salt, the body doesn’t know what to do with what’s left – sodium chloride, devoid of the other natural minerals that prepare the body to accept it.

Doesn’t it make sense that the salt we consume is better for us when it has the same composition as the natural ocean of fluids in the human body?

The realization inspires the belief that we should always prefer natural sea salt to processed table salt.