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An interview of Selina with Dorit of Serenity Spaces

How did you become interested in "salts"?

I was introduced to sea salt by the founder of the Celtic Sea Salt® company, Jacques Delangre. I met Jacques and his wife, Yvette, in 1978. I remember the first time I had dinner with them. I was just 19 years old and had recently moved to Chico, California, from Muncie, Indiana.

Until then, I had never heard of different ways of eating other than traditional Italian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisines. The knowledge that food has a cause and effect on our health and wellbeing was a concept that immediately felt real to me, even though the meeting was the first time I had heard of eating to be healthy and feel better.

When I sat down to eat with Jacques and Yvette, I learned the meal was prepared so that each selection had a purpose. Two of the dishes I particularly remember were organic Lumberg Brothers brown rice and gomashio prepared for pH balance with brown rice and Celtic Sea Salt®.

The conversation at the table was focused on food and the way it affects our body, along with the way the preparation of the food affects the nutritional energy of each dish. This meal was my introduction to macrobiotics, which was an essential part of the lifestyle Jacques and Yvette embraced and the lifestyle that allowed them to help hundreds of people from all over the world who suffered from chronic illnesses.

Jacques showed me his first version of his landmark book, “Sea Salt's Hidden Powers.” I was star struck by his knowledge. He had researched and studied everything he could find on sodium chloride, which is also called halite. This was before the Internet, so Google was not available as an easy source of information. He had to do his research the hard way. Since he spoke several languages, he was able to extend his research globally.

From that meal forward, I have only used Celtic Sea Salt®, except when I’m testing other potential sea salts. We only allow a salt into the Celtic Sea Salt® family after it meets the rigorous standards of our brand promise.

Jacques Delangre started a revolution by changing the reputation of salt in the early 70’s. His mission has now been passed down to the third generation and a family that is still growing.

I myself have witnessed almost 4 decades of salt evolving from a misunderstood seasoning to a frequent topic of discussion in every health venue. I have watched the salt category develop from topics such as conventional table salt vs Celtic Sea Salt® to Celtic Sea Salt® vs Himalayan salt.

Most rewarding of all, I have watched the wellbeing of clients referred to us by health professionals improve by switching from table salt to Celtic Sea Salt®, as well as the wellbeing improve of countless customers of Selina Naturally®.