In Her Element: Sea Salt, Surrender, and A Journey to a Whole Life

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Part emotional memoir, part incisive business book, and entirely stand-out, Celtic Sea Salt® owner Selina Delangre’s new international bestselling book In her Element: Sea Salt, Surrender, and the Journey to a Whole Life is a look into the inspirational journey of a woman living through the trials of growing her business, surviving the death of her mentor, and welcoming the loving challenges of being the mother to a special needs son.
Sharing her real life personal and professional stories, Selina goes in depth into her business model, her path to success as a woman-owned business owner, and her unique experience as a mother of a son with Cerebral Palsy. She also shares her knowledge of trends in the natural products industry, her understanding of the science behind healthy sea salt, and the wisdom she’s learned from motherhood along the way.

Some of the things you’ll learn from Selina’s book include:
• The difference between table salt and sea salt
• How building an international brand is all about relationships
• How to navigate running a company while being a mother
• How parents of special needs children can let go of the guilt and live in the moment
• How to make a family-owned business work in harmony

This book is educational, inspiring and insightful for anyone who is a mother, business owner or interested in natural health.