Herbal AloeForce ® Skin Gel (4 oz)

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Rejuvenating & moisturizing, more potent & effective than the fresh aloe plant itself.

Use Herbal Aloe Force® Skin Gel on the skin to relieve burns, stimulate tissue repair, and to keep skin looking clean, clear, smooth, toned, hydrated, and glowing with health. Herbal Aloe Force® Skin Gel contains more than 200 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and colloidal silver.

Aloe is known as the "burn plant." Its anti-inflammatory, pain and itch relief, soothing, tissue-regenerating, and healing properties make this gel the perfect 'salve" for all types of burns (including any itching and burning from radiation treatment).


A note from Herbal Answers, Inc., regarding the use of methyl paraben:

  • Herbal AloeForce Skin Gel has less than 1/10th of one percent methyl paraben added to it, as an inhibitor of fungus, yeast, mold, and other micro-organisms. Because the product is made of raw aloe, the methyl paraben keeps micro-organisms from growing in the product once it is opened. Methyl paraben has been used for almost a century to keep cosmetic (topical) products clean from micro-organism growth.
  • Recently, researchers found ester parabens in breast tissue during a study on breast cancer—but they did not find methyl parabens. Methyl paraben is not the same as ester paraben.
  • At our customers’ request, we are in the process of finding a replacement for methyl paraben in the Herbal AloeForce Skin Gel.
  • Detailed Information
  • Detailed Information


    Cat's claw, essiac herbs (sheep sorrel, burdock root, slippery elm bark, rhubarb root), chamomile, astragalus, hawthorne berry, pau d"arco, green tea, ionic colloidal silver, hyaluronic acid (hydrating agent naturally found in cells), glycereth-26 (lubricating agent), sodium benzoate (mineral salt), carbomer (thickening agent), and methyl paraben (preservative made from paba--a naturally occurring enzyme in the body)


    4 oz

    Shelf Life

    Expiration date on bottle


    Cool, dry place

    Suggested Use

    Use for face, hands, feet, body, joints, muscles, scalp, hair, mouth, gums, and sensitive areas.