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For Wellbeing, The Sea is the Limit! Hydration and Mineralization.

AQUON MATRIX® is the first hexagonally structured seawater and micro-filtered in cool temperatures. Water is collected in very specific phytoplankton-rich areas ensuring a constant organic and mineral composition.

When AQUON MATRIX® is ingested, it instantly revitalizes the cells to give you the boost you’ve been needing. As it assimilates into the body, it replenishes sulfates, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonates, and sodium levels.

AQUON MATRIX® is the hydration your body needs when you train or play your favorite sport. It is the natural choice for hydration.


- For Your Sports Activity -

• 100% Seawater
• It contains 78 electrolytes
• No added sugars or additives
• Easy to carry


- For Your Daily Activity -

• 25% seawater and 75% natural water
• It contains 78 electrolytes
• No added sugars or additives
• Easy opening

No more cramps

It prevents cramps and muscle fatigue. You will notice its effects in a very short time. Its electrolytes are quickly absorbed.

Optimal recovery

100% natural mineral recoverer. You will feel all the strength of the sea in your body. All the minerals you need on a single stick.

Easy to carry

Aquon Matrix® Hyper is the solution in order to remain well hydrated during your workouts and in the events you participate in.

Ultimate hydration

When practicing a sport, our body loses water and minerals. Known as dehydration. That’s why seawater is the healthiest alternative to recover all the essential electrolytes for hydration without all the >sugar and additives.

All-Natural Electrolyte

A clean, all-natural electrolyte is the answer to help mineral deficiencies, stress, energy and muscle recovery. All the essential electrolytes for hydration without all the sugar or additives.

For everyone...anytime!

According to scientists like Rene Quinton, we need to supplement with minerals / trace elements. We need 78 of the periodic table elements in order to make healthy new cells.