Celtic River Liquid Low Sodium Spray Salts - Plain (3.5 oz)

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Liquid Low Sodium Spray salts - Plain

  • Low-sodium liquid spring salt. “Do not give up the taste”.
  • Designed for dressing salads, vegetable dishes and carpaccio’s and to enhance the flavor of raw foods.
  • The spray container allows the salt to be dispensed uniformly, drastically reducing the amount used.
  • Natural low-sodium liquid salt (10% sodium chloride, 5% potassium chloride)
  • The whole range of liquid salts has been made using the liquid salt extracted from the same underground springs.

Spray Container - 100ml

Low-sodium liquid spring salt. Do not give up the taste.

Form Of Use

From 2 to 4 sprays are recommended, which reduces sodium consumption by 90% compared to a 0,3 g pinch of salt.

Use in all types of plates as a finishing salt.


Natural low-sodium liquid salt from Villena (10% sodium chloride, 5% potassium chloride)

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