Wee Bee Raw Honey (16 oz)

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Wee Bee Honey

16 oz glass jar

Wee Bee Honey, Inc., is a family owned and operated apiary, first established in 1974. Coming from three generations of beekeepers, they take pride in packing their own honey.

It is a well known fact that honey is an extremely healthy food, full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants. In order to derive the full health benefits raw honey has to offer, they are packing their honey in its RAW form, straight from the hive, as ONLY beekeepers can supply.

That is real raw honey. As beekeepers, they are strongly committed to organic methods of raising bees WITHOUT THE USE OF PESTICIDE. This honey is NEVER HEATED, FILTERED, OR STRAINED. That is why it still contains POLLEN, PROPOLIS, and CRUSHED HONEYCOMB.

It is not only good for you, it has a delicious flavor, a wonderfully smooth texture, and it's kosher, too. Simply a great WHOLE FOOD! Their hand-packed process ensures quality; they inspect each and every jar.

Food scientists from the University of Illinois have discovered that pasteurization and processing destroys almost 100% of the natural antibiotics and live enzymes in honey. The Wee Bee beekeepers have known this for decades. That is why they take the time and care to supply their honey in its natural state, preserving all the original nutrients and exceptional flavor.

Curious About What You See Under The Lid?

What you see upon opening the jar is delicious bits and pieces of honeycomb, propolis, and pollen, all of which are naturally occurring and beneficial hive products. Wee Bee honey is not filtered or strained, in order to preserve these beneficial properties. During natural crystallization they will rise to the top, forming a wonderful layer of goodness.

There are 22 amino acids in bee pollen, and it is recognized as an immune system enhancer for its ability to strengthen the body against viral infections. Propolis is the strongest antibiotic found in nature and has no side effects. So please enjoy what the hardworking bees have to offer!

The color, flavor, texture, and crystallization of this honey will differ depending on the nectar source (blossom).

1st place Winner of a blind taste test against 8 honies at the Natural Products Expo East 2007!

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