Perfect Pickler ® Master System Wide Mouth Kit (NO JAR)

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Makes the transformation of vegetables into pickles easy and fun!

~ Perfect Pickler® Master System does not include 64 oz glass jar ~

Pickled vegetables, also known as live-cultured foods, are alive with probiotic bacteria that offer a wide array of health benefits, including improved digestion, enhanced immunity, and improved intestinal health!

Live-cultured vegetables are a part of the diets of many of the world's most long-lived people. Adding cultured vegetables to your diet is easy and inexpensive with the Perfect Pickler® Master System. The Perfect Pickler works through a low-salt fermentation method that uses just a bit of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand salt, spring water, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Unlike most store-bought pickles that are fermented with vinegar and contain refined sugars, homemade pickles made in the Perfect Pickler are alive with friendly microflora, great for the digestive system, and bursting with vitamins, minerals, and life-giving enzymes. You can make old-world style pickles right on your kitchen countertop in only four days!!

Load and Lock with our Unique 4-Part Kit

  • Seals out air to induce a naturally probiotic world
  • Self-pressurizes to lock out airborne microbes
  • Wild fermentation - no cultures to add
  • Clear jar - watch the pickling action
  • Odor-free fermenting!
  • Pickles in 4 days - sauerkraut in 10 days
  • Store pickles in the same jar - no emptying needed
  • Just remove the kit, seal and refrigerate
  • Now your kit is ready for the next batch

Each Kit Includes:

  • New Storage Lid and Marker Pencil!
    • Store you finished fermented vegetables with our Sure Seal Storage Lid w/gasket.
    • White marking pencil allows you to write the recipe name/date onto the lid; markings wash off.
  • Perfect Pickler®Cookbooklet
    • Dozens of time-tested recipes
    • Traditional and the latest foodie marvels
    • With guide to serving pickles in everyday meals
  • Celtic Sea Salt®
    • 1/4 pound premium, mineral-rich sea salt
    • For your first 2 gallons of pickles
  • Web Tutorials
    • Deep web site and booklet tutorials to guide you
    • You Tube channel with videos
    • For beginner to expert
  • Detailed Information
  • Detailed Information