Organic Matcha Green Tea by Living Qi

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Organic Matcha Tea - One Can - 30 Servings

The Finest Organic Matcha Green Tea in The World. Since the 12th century, Matcha tea has been celebrated in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony known as Chado, or "Way of Tea".

An ancient Japanese tradition recently featured on the Dr. OZ show, the health benefits of Living Qi® Matcha are unsurpassed. The perfect coffee or regular tea substitute, Living Qi® Matcha has more nutrition and anti-oxidants than 10 cups of typical tea.

Widely considered a mood-food and superfood, Matcha tea is all you need to drink to stay energetic, focused and calm anytime, anywhere. This all-natural, organic variety of powdered green tea contains copious amounts of the amino-acid theanine, proven to help relax and de-stress your body and mind.

Some of the health benefits of Living Qi® Matcha include:

  • 10 times the anti-oxidants of regular green tea
  • Helps you burn fat and lose weight naturally
  • The ultimate coffee substitute
  • Enhance your focus, alertness and energy minus the caffeine jitters
  • High theanine content alleviates stress and anxiety
  • Helps regulate your blood glucose
  • Enjoy the calm of an ancient ritual
  • Detailed Information
  • Detailed Information

    Are you ready to create your mood?

    The following steps are for preparing matcha for drinking. Matcha can also be used topically (for acne) and for baking and cooking.

    To watch a video on how to prepare Matcha Tea, select the "Product Videos" tab above.

    Spoon 1 to 3 grams (0.5 teaspoons) into your favorite tea bowl or mug.

    Add warm water to taste, do not use boiling water. Ideal is 176 F. Or boil water and then let it sit for at least 30 seconds.

    Whisk the water with a bamboo whisk into the tea to create a frothing beverage. Need a bamboo whisk? Click here. You can also use an aerolatte machine (used for frothing milk for espresso) that mixes the tea well. If you don"t have a bamboo whisk yet, use a sealable jar or water bottle...'…seal and shake vigorously until mixed.*Note: If you whisk the matcha in a 'œW' direction instead of a circle if froths better.

    Note: You can also sift the matcha first to avoid clumping. Any fine sifter will work.

    *Matcha is high in beneficial essential oils so sometimes it clumps unless mixed well.