Moon Rabbit Foods Gluten Free Cassava Flour (32.8oz)

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Moon Rabbit Foods Gluten Free Premium Cassava Flour
All Natural, Handcrafted, Gluten Free Baking Goodness!

A must try for gluten free baking!! Use it by itself in brownies, cookies, cakes and pancakes or add it to your favorite all-purpose blend. Great flavor and texture, Premium Cassava Flour also helps retain moisture in your favorite Gluten Free baked goods.

Premium Cassava Flour was developed exclusively for Gluten Free baking through a unique manufacturing process that produces a finely milled flour - giving it the unique ability to use as a stand-alone flour.

Naturally made from the Cassava plant - a global and sustainable crop. Over two years of research went into the development of this flour of which a patent has been applied for due to its unique characteristics. Is is not your typical tapioca flour or starch as you can see from the nutritional label!

Cassava flour keeps baked goods moist, has a good crumb texture and a pleasant, subtle nutty flavor. Store in an airtight container and if it isn't going to be used for a while, store in fridge or freezer.

Please use 80-85% of Cassava flour in place of wheat flour on any basic recipe (ie, for 1 cup of wheat flour, use 7/8 th's of a cup of cassava). For gluten free recipes, substitute 10% of cassava flour for each flour and/or starch.


Q:  Can you tell us a little bit about Cassava? What it is and how it is manufactured?
A:  Cassava flour contains tapioca starch and the fibrous part of the cassava root which is normally discarded in the formulation of the starch, adding fiber and proteins. It is common practice in the US to sell tapioca starch labeled as tapioca flour. Tapioca flour is 100% starch, and not the same as our Moon Rabbit Foods Premium Cassava Flour.

Q:  Can you give our customers 5 tips to help them get started using Cassava Flour?
A:  Do not try to use it as a substitute for a blend of gf flours/starches in a recipe. As mentioned, begin to add it in small increments to see how it performs in the recipe. It works best when converting from a wheat based recipe. It has a great synergy with Rice Flour and Potato Starch. A small % added to your favorite bread recipe will help to add flavor and improve the texture of the crust. Use Cassava Flour to dust fish or meats before pan frying.

Q:  Does Cassava impart any flavor to its baked goods?
A:  It has a very subtle nuttiness to it which shows nicely in pancakes, crepes and breads. Cassava Flour does not have any over-powering flavor notes that are sometimes apparent in other gluten free flours.

Q:  What is the best starting point for an individual wanting to try Cassava?
A:  Our experience is that placing it into a wheat based recipe will be the quickest path to success. A good starting point is to begin at about 80-85% of the weight of wheat flour. If using it in a gf based recipe I would suggest substituting it at 10% of each flour/starch across the board in the recipe. For example, if a recipe has 3 flours in it, take 10% of each away and add that amount of Cassava Flour.

Q:  Do bakers need to use Xanthan or other gums when baking with Cassava?
A:  Yes and no. We have been quite successful formulating recipes such as cookies, brownies and cakes with no added gums. In recipes that a gum is required it is significantly less than what we are seeing in “typical” gluten free recipes. As a general rule I would say from 25-50% less.

Q:  How do baked goods hold up in the freezer using this flour?
A:  The freeze-thaw capabilities of baked goods made with the Cassava Flour are quite impressive. I think home bakers will be pleased with the results. If it the home baker’s practice is to regularly freeze baked goods, a little added xanthan can help with the problem of crumbling commonly seen with frozen goods. As with all baked goods, proper care in storing goods air tight in the freezer and thawing them in the container will give the best results.

Q:  Can you list some of the benefits that come with including this flour in your baked goods?

  • Keeps baked goods moist.
  • Ability to use as a single flour in a gf recipe.
  • Pleasant, neutral flavor.
  • Good crumb texture.
  • Ability to be used without or with a low % of xanthan (or other gums) in many applications.
  • Fiber and Protein content.


  • Detailed Information
  • Detailed Information

     Calories:  152
     ' '  Calories from Fat:  2
     Total Fat:  0 g  0%
     Cholesterol:  0 mg  0%
     Sodium:  0 mg  0%
     Total Carbohydrates:  37 g  12%
     ' '  Dietary Fiber:  3 g  11%
     ' '  Sugars:  0 g
     Protein:  0 g

     Vitamin A:  0%
     Vitamin C:  4%
     Calcium:  4%
     Iron:  3%

    *Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

    Ingredients: Premium Cassava Flour (Gluten Free, GMO-Free).
    Size 2 lb (907 g) 22 servings per container
    Serving Size 40 g
    Storage Store in an air tight container, at room temperature. If it is not going to be used for a while it can be refrigerated or frozen.
    Country of Orgin Product of the USA