Green Pasture's Coconut Ghee (27 oz)

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Best buy of 3/31/18, priced below cost. No returns! Best buy of 3/31/18, priced below cost. No returns!

Blue Breeze® Raw Coconut Ghee is a true Green Pasture® Products original.

A perfect blend of non-heated butter wax extract (Ghee) and organic, extra virgin coconut oil makes this a family favorite for all your cooking, baking and nutritional fat needs. The first and only pure oil that combines the nutritional advantages of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil with the wide range of healthful Omega 3 fatty acids found in Green Pasture’s 100% Grass Fed Virgin Butter Wax. Casein and lactose free!

Your family will enjoy the fresh, light, buttery taste that our western pallet appreciates on more foods than a straight coconut oil.

The family cook will appreciate knowing that their family and guests will receive one of the finest combination of nutritional fats provided in one product.

Please order with caution during high heat temperatures, as the product can melt/liquefy during transit.

  • Detailed Information
  • Detailed Information

    Blue Breeze® Coconut Ghee will have all the medium chain triglycerides: lauric, myristic and caprylic fatty acids found in Blue Breeze organic virgin coconut oil, in addition to a full spectrum of omega 3 fats and other important fatty acids found in 100% grass fed ghee such as CLA, butyric, stearic, palmitic, capric, etc.

    Blue Breeze® Coconut Ghee does not require refrigeration. A few uses include: Butter spread substitute, frying, baking, skin, and oil pulling.

    As with all the sacred food oils offered by Greent Pasture® Products, Blue Breeze® Coconut Ghee carries our RAW seal on the label.