Equine Electrolytes EMPTY Tub (14 lb)

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Equine Salt -Trace Mineral Electrolytes- All Natural

Daily essential minerals for your animal needs.

Veterinarians and Equine Professionals recommend an electrolyte program. Dehydration in horses has serious consequences. Feeding daily electrolytes year-round replaces lost minerals and nutrients that your horse needs to stay hydrated.

Celtic Sea Salt® helps in maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance which is necessary for optimum blood composition, muscular strength and overall bodily function.

Celtic Sea Salt® minerals like chloride, sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium contribute to the electrolyte equilibrium, naturally.

Natural minerals in sea salt contain essential trace minerals needed as part of daily health.

Celtic Sea Salt® has been hand-harvested then dried by the sun and wind. Our sustainable harvesting methods combine tradition with innovation to serve and preserve the vital balance of the ocean’s minerals.

Celtic Sea Salt® improves water intake, hair coat, hoof growth and aids in digestion.

Celtic Sea Salt® allows horses to receive natural electrolyte minerals without the worry of sugar overload.

Use as directed: For all ages and stages of life.

Serving size: 1 scoop (scoop equals 20 grams, 1 tablespoon or 14.7cc)

Add Celtic Sea Salt® to daily feed or add 2 scoops per 5 gallons of clean water.