Celtic Sea Salt ® Pink Salt 1lb bag

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For a Healthier Life, Your Everyday Salt™

Our great tasting, Celtic Sea Salt® salts are 100% naturally occurring minerals, unrefined and are Recommended by Health Professionals and Culinary Chefs. This natural pink sea salt is not only attractive and appetizing with its delicate color, it also supplies beneficial minerals in its natural form such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and an alkaline pH, all of which are  ssential to health. 

Our pink sea salt holds the same promise as our original, high quality Celtic Sea Salt® brand.

The Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Promise:

  • We inspect at the harvesting site
  • Total quality control from harvest to packaging. (From the ocean to the bag)
  • Fair business practices with our farmers (we care for the people who make our product and most importantly the people who use them)
  • Lab analysis done by a 3rd party laboratory
  • Alkaline pH
  • Recommended by Health Professionals and Culinary Chefs
  • Sustainably harvested/ NOT mined
  • All natural, unrefined sea salt
  • An excellent and elegant taste
  • Daily all-purpose salt
  • Guarantees purity and authenticity
  • Packaged in kosher and certified organic facility

If you are looking for iodine support, please order S-CVEG, our gourmet iodine seaweed seasoning.

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