Celtic Sea Salt® Chocolate Bar Bundle (3 bars)

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We have bundled our new Celtic Sea Salt® Chocolate Bars together at one low price. Try them all or give away as a gift. Healthy snacks are a wonderful alternative when you need a sweet fix. Bundle includes one of each at 15% off the regular price. Save when you buy all 3.

Celtic Sea Salt® Alchemy Dark Chocolate 2.3 oz

70% Stone Ground Cacao with Superherbs and Celtic Sea Salt®

Cacao Alchemy™ offers inspiration through the healing power of cacao and the most powerful and best sourced herbs in world combined with Celtic Sea Salt®. The result is a sugar-free chocolate unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Every batch is intuitively handcrafted, stoneground and marble tempered.

Celtic Sea Salt® Cloud Forest Dark Chocolate 2.3oz

62% Raw, Stone Ground Cacao with Superherbs and Celtic Sea Salt®

Cloud Forest celebrates the healing power of adaptogenic herbs, Celtic Sea Salt® and the silky sweet magic of Baobab and Lucuma. This Special Edition Chocolate is helping save The Cloud Forests of Cerro El Amay in Guatemala and in Southern Appalachia.

Celtic Sea Salt® Vanilla Orchid Dark Chocolate 2.3 oz

77% Raw, stone ground cacao, Celtic sea salt and herbs

Vanilla Orchid takes some of the highest quality vanilla, Celtic Sea Salt® and mixes it with the highest quality chocolate for a pure, silky smooth and delicious raw chocolate bar. Ingredients are sourced from the best cacao and vanilla farms possible with attention to with environmental sustainability and fair work and wage practices. This way we ensure that our handmade chocolate is the highest quality. From Bean to Bliss, From Our Heart to Yours.