Bioscience Liver Strength 185 caps

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Bioscience International is a think tank of researchers and advanced scientists in the fields of bioscience, joined together to optimize health regeneration and immune support and bring you the most potent medicinal nutraceuticals to enhance your body's natural ability to recode itself for optimal healing.

As experts in the field of Bio-availability and the precise interactions of herbs and minerals within the electrical system of the human body, we use groundbreaking bioscience and a liposomal delivery system to advance the way nutrition and the innate intelligence of your body's systems work. All natural, unparalleled and potentized formulas that won"t become toxic to your body as they repair, restore and regenerate your health to its optimal function!

BioScience® Liver Strength:

A healthy liver is the key to optimal functioning and vital living. Everything you intake, including food, drink and even the air you breathe, must be processed by your liver. Liver Strength is a breakthrough in liver health and science. Using our patent-pending bioactive proteins and fermented, bioavailable minerals encased in liposomal oils, Liver Strength may help strip the liver of toxins and simultaneously repair its function. The bioactive proteins and targeted electrolytes found in Liver Strength are the primary components for cellular regeneration.
With a healthy, functioning liver, your blood and brain are free to receive the minerals and electrolytes needed to bring you energy, optimal health and wellness.

  • Live bioactive proteins for optimal liver support
  • Detoxifies, replenishes and repairs
  • Provides an interactive mineral and electrolyte profile
  • Detailed Information
  • Detailed Information