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Grain of Salt© - Volume 15 Issue 1 - April 2010 Inside This Issue: Selina’s Salty Truth, Carla’s Cuisine, A Pinch of Our History, The Founders Message, Selina Naturally Journeys, Going With The Grain, Trendy Tools & Healthy Habits, Remedies and Wellness, The Spark of Life ,The Antidote, Nourishing Words, Membership News, Become a Salt Disciple, Wired In Truth,Charitable Salt Works


A Grain of Salt© - Volume 14 Issue 3 - October 2009 Inside This Issue: Selina’s Salty Truth, Carla’s Cuisine, A Pinch of Our History, The Founders Message, Selina Naturally Journeys, Going With The Grain, Trendy Tools & Healthy Habits, Remedies and Wellness, The Spark of Life ,The Antidote, Nourishing Words, Membership News, Become a Salt Disciple, Wired In Truth,Charitable Salt Works

A Grain of Salt© - Volume 14 Issue 2 Article Summary: Vegetable Fermentation: Making Live-Culture Sauerkraut by Sandor Katz, Rich in Life, Alphas of Omegas by Jordan Rubin, Celtic Sea Salt® Brand & Magnesium by JoAnn Denton, Ph.D., CN, In Search of the Perfect Human Diet by C.J. Hunt, Xylitol: A Safe Natural Sweetener


A Grain of Salt© - Summer 2008 (Volume 13 Issue 3 August 2008) Article Summary: The Thyroid Gland by Dr. David Brownstein, MD, Five Critical Parts of Healthy Aging - Part 1 by Chris D. Meletis, ND, Female Hormones Naturally by James Biddle, MD, Fats and Oils by Paul Chek, Exercise Your Heart Really Needs by Dr. Al Sears, Feed Your Genes Right by Jack Challem, Food Not Lawns by Heather Flores

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 2008 (Volume 13 Issue 2 May 2008) Article Summary: The Rise of the Phoenix: An Evolving Global Humanity by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, The Elusive Activator X by Chris MasterJohn, Six Rules for Eating Wisely by Michael Pollan, Truly Cultured: Health, Community, & Fermentation by Nancy Lee Bentley, The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved by Sandor Katz, Cellfood: A Nutritional Revelation by Dr. Laz Bannock, PhD

A Grain of Salt© - Winter 2008 (Volume 13 Issue 1 March 2008) Article Summary: Are You Living at Your Perfect Weight by Jordan Rubin, HA-The Anti-Aging Answer by Dr. Chris D. Meletis, ND and Dave Rousett, Food Mood Connection by Jack Challem, The FDA and Salt by Ronald Halweil, MD, How Safe and Healthy is Microwave Cooking by Wendy Priesnitz, Coconut Water and Health by Dr. Bruce Fife, ND, Selina Naturally-Innovation Driven By Inspiration by Robert Allison


A Grain of Salt© - Fall 2007 (Volume 12 Issue 4 November 2007) Article Summary: Salt-Foundational Elixir by Justin Schmidt, Superfoods by Susan Smith Jones, PhD, Epicor-Novel Immune System Enhancer by Chris D. Meletis, ND, A Drugless Approach to Balancing Female Hormones by Dr. Robert Demaria, Diseases of the G.I. Tract by Dr. Thomas Cowan, A Dangerous Game with Our Children by Dr. Al Sears, MD

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 2007 (Volume 12 Issue 3 August 2007) Article Summary: Pickled Vegetables by Bill Hettig, Iodine for Breast Health by Dr. Jorge Flechas, Peruvian Maca by Dr. BJ Adrezin, Goat Milk by Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Neem: An Ancient Cure for a Modern World, Inflammation Issues by Dr. David Brownstein, Charles Poliquin on Salt, Feeding Families Consciously by Susan Teton Campbell.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 2007 Article Summary: Quenching the Fires of Inflammation by Jack Challem, Two Angry Moms Take On School Lunch by Amy Kalafa, EMFs: The Dangers of Modern Convenience Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Cholesterol and Homocysteine by Dr. David W. Tanton, Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, Honoring Your Belly by Lisa Sarasohn, Natural Migraine Relief, Magnesium--Overlooked, But Essential.

A Grain of Salt© - Winter 2007 Article Summary: Ancient Dietary Wisdom for Tomorrow's Children by Sally Fallon, Digestive Health and Pregnancy by Donna Gates, Hydrogenated Oil and Trans Fats by Dr. Robert DeMaria, True Fitness...What Is It? by Jon Hinds, Interview with Bobby Hinds, A Basic Lifeskill by Katie Singer, Global Toxification and Hormone Disruptors by Joseph K. Sheldon and David K. Foster, Endocrine Disruptors and Fertility.


A Grain of Salt© - Fall 2006 Article Summary: Prostate Health by Dr. Taryn Forrelli, Iodine and Health by Dr. David Brownstein, Heart Disease and Prevention by Dr. Bruce West, From Tragedy to Triumph: The Jordan Rubin Story, The Basics of The Body Ecology Diet (interview with Donna Gates), Coconut Oil & Weight Loss by Dr. Bruce Fife, A Salt-Savvy Pediatrician (interview with Dr. Esteban Genoa), Vegetable Fermentation by Sandor Katz.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 2006 Article Summary: Fifteen Facts About Vitamin D and Sunlight Exposure: Based on an interview with Dr. Michael Holick, author of The UV Advantage, Nourish Your Adrenals by Donna Gates, Letter from Selina, Haiti and the Economic Impact of Salt, Heavy Metal Overview by Brenda Watson, N.D., C.T., Sardines, 33 Ways the Body Responds to Rebounding, Avian Flu: Fact vs. Fear - Part 2 by Robert Allison, Chocolate: Food of the Gods, The Health Benefits of Hemp, Flax, and Maca, Silica Comes of Age, Sauerkraut, High-Vitamin Butter Oil.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 2006 Article Summary: Spring is Here ... Time To Detox: Excerpt from Renew Your Life by Brenda Watson, N.D., C.T., Avian Flu: Fact vs. Fear - Part 1 by Robert Allison, Letter from Selina, Sinusitis: When Sniffles Turn Ugly by Sabrina Marie Thomas, Four Corners of Optimal Nutrition, The Best Things in Life Are Free, Recipe: Coconut-Carob Clusters, Mind-Body Medicine: An Overview.

A Grain of Salt© - Winter 2006 Article Summary: Salt and Your Health by Dr. David Brownstein, Book Review by Robert Allison (How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy), Interview with Paul Chek, Syndrome X by Jack Challem. Boost Your Immunity by Carolyn Carnahan, Aromatherapy by Jane Buckle, Red Palm Oil.


A Grain of Salt© - Winter 2005 Article Summary: Your Liver is the Key by Xandria Williams, Naturopath, Nutritionist, & NLP Practitioner, Spirituality & Health: A Review of the Evidence by Carolyn Carnahan, Letter from Selina, Aminos are AMAZING! by Carolyn Carnahan, New Year’s Evolution, A New Way of Looking at Vision Care: An Interview with Marc Grossman, O.D., L.Ac, Recipe Renovation: Noelle's New and Improved Chocolate Chip Cookies, Tea Time by Carolyn Carnahan.

A Grain of Salt© - Fall 2005 Article Summary: Mothers & Daughters by Christiane Northrup, M.D., Get off the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster! by Sabrina Marie Thomas, Letter from Selina, Coconut Flour: A Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Alternative to Wheat by Bruce Fife, ND, Enzymes: A Key to Health by Dr. Rob Streisfeld, NMD, A Word About White Sugar, Sabrina’s Holiday Recipe Box: Sabrina's Really Good Fruit Muffins, Pumpkin Seed Butter Chocolate Cookies.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 2005 Article Summary: Parasites by Brenda Watson, ND, CT, Biofeedback by Carolyn Carnahan, Letter from Selina, Ask the Experts: Which Oils do you Recommend? Sally Fallon, Jordan Rubin, Meredith McCarty & more, Turmeric by Susan Bloom, Minerals, Recipe Renovation: Veganized Banana Bread, Prebiotics.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 2005 Article Summary: Medical Innovation by Dr James Biddle, Trans Fats by Carolyn Carnahan, Letter from Selina, Good Works: Dr Batmanghedilj, Recipe Renovation: Oatmeal Cookies, Pickling by Bill Hettig, Ayurvedic Skincare, Coffee, Juice.


A Grain of Salt© - Fall 2004 Article Summary: Taking the Fear Out of Eating Fat by Lori Lipinski, Healing Law of Giving by Christiane Northrup, MD, Letter from Selina, Global Organics, Homemade Holidays, Aloe by Michael Finnegan, Colloidal Silver by Jonathan Glausman, Urinary Tract Infections:Causes and Treatments, Probiotics.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 2004 Article Summary: Raw Foods by Renee Loux Underkoffler, The Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin, Letter from Selina, Hournaling for Health, Maker's Diet-We did it!, Making Sauerkraut by Sandor Ellix Katz, Anti-aging, Pain & Diet, Green Tea.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 2004 Article Summary: Diet and Brain Function by Dr. Robert DeMaria, Friendly Fats by Sue Glovan, Letter from Selina, Hey Mom! What's to Eat?, Chocolates, Autism Prevention by Donna Gates, Weight Management, Farm vs. Wild Salmon, Carbohydrates 101, Artisan Products.

A Grain of Salt© - Winter 2004 Article Summary: Daily Health Choices, Nutritional and Cellular Cleansing by Scott Ohlgren, Letter from Selina, Stress Reduction, Pilates by Lara Polsky Gillease, Ear Candling by Carolyn Sluder, Constipation by Sue Glovan, Hair and Skin Health.


A Grain of Salt© - Fall 2003 Article Summary: One Man's Journey Back to Health by Paul Goldberg MPH, DC, DACBN, Digestive System, Letter from Selina, Aloe Vera and Digestive Health by Dr. Jeri Heyman, Dental Mercury Amalgam by Dr. Jacob Trager, Is Your Gut Leaky, Permeable or Wounded? by Donna Gates, Shea Butter, The Ultimate Fast Food - Juice by Sue Glovan.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 2003 Article Summary: Endocrine System Hormone Central, Hormone Replacement Therapy by Sibylle Preuschat, Letter from Selina, Hormones To Take or Not To Take? by Lynne August MD, Cultured Raw Vegetables, Baby Food by Cathe Olson, Sleep, Xylitol: The Sweet Taste of Victory, Dry Vapor Cleaner, Thyroid Health, Gua Sha: Ancient Healing.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 2003 Article Summary: Immune System, Letter from Selina, Electrolytes by Dr. Lynne August, Coconut Water, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Antioxidants, Wheat Free? By Sabrina Marie Thomas, Fermented Foods by Kim Stewart.

A Grain of Salt© - Winter 2003 Article Summary: Refining the Sugared Diet, The Common Cold, Letter from Selina, Product Selection Process, Fibromyalgia – 2 Reports by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and Dr. Lynne August, The 2003 Tool Kit, Chia Seeds, The Fat That Can Make You Thin by Bruce Fife.


A Grain of Salt© - Fall 2002 Article Summary: The Body Ecology Ecology Diet by Donna Gates, Losing Weight & Enhancing Beauty by Sabrina Marie, The Benefits of Traditional Soy Sauce by June Lim, Letter from Selina, Water: The Ultimate Cure by Steve Meyerowitz, A Personal Testimony by Debbie Short, Lather Up with Celtic Sea Soap, Is There a Perfect Diet? Making Stress a Good Thing by Frank King, ND.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 2002 Article Summary: It’s Time to Get Sweet Smart by Verne Varona, Jump Start Your Metabolism by Susan Smith Jones, Water & Salt by Lynne August, MD, How Do You Use The Salt of Life? Letter from Selina, Feeding Fibromyalgia by Marilynn S. Jones, 4 Recipes for a Raw Food Dinner, Milk and Milk Products by Sally Fallon, Powerful Pumpkin Seeds for Health by Sabrina Marie.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 2002 Article Summary: Cultivating Gratitude by Christiane Northrup, MD, Nature’s Miracle Oil by Bruce Fife, ND, Healing with Chinese Herbs by Leslie Tierra, The History of Salt – An Interview by Selina DeLangre, Letter from Selina, My Experience with Celtic Sea Salt by Monte Kline, PhD, Introduction to Cleansing by Sabrina Marie, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Winter 2002 Article Summary: Be Kind to Your Grains…Your Grains Will be Kind to You by Sally Fallon, The Importance of Protein by Lawrence Wilson, MD, Appetite and Weight Control with Homeopathy by Dr. Frank King, Interview with Pharmacists by Selina DeLangre, Letter from Selina, From Ocean Water to Celtic Sea Salt Crystals by Phillippe DeLangre, Does Food Lose Nutrients When it is Cooked? By Sabrina Marie, Recipe for Cultured Vegetables.


A Grain of Salt© - Fall 2001 Article Summary: Protein Perspectives by Paul Pitchford, MS, Pain Signifies Thirst by F. Batmanghelidj, MD, Interesting Parallels by Irisha Pomerantzeff, Letter from Selina, The Truth About Aloe Vera by John Finnegan, ND, Holiday Cooking by Sabrina Marie, Salt and Blood Pressure by Dr. James Laraugh, Recipe for Pumpkin Pie

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 2001 Article Summary: What is a Natural Flavor? By Sabrina Marie, The Lymph System by Lino Stanchich, Sam Biser on Last Stage Diseases, New Breakthroughs in Homeopathic Medicine by Dr. Frank King, Letter from Selina, Attracting Your Child to Healthier Food by Cynthia Lair, Make Your Own: Veggie Burgers by Sabrina Marie, Book Reviews, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Winter 2001 Article Summary: The Basics of the Body Ecology Diet with Donna Gates, The Way I Eat by Mollie Katzen, Ginger: Some Like it Hot by Jim Taylor, Letter from Selina, Seeds for Vitality by Susan Elkin, Understanding Sugars, Natural Sweeteners, Make Your Own Trail Mix, Recipes.


A Grain of Salt© - Fall 2000 Article Summary: Special Tribute edition to Jacques DeLangre, Imagine Foods, The Paludiers, Macrobiotics.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 2000 Article Summary: Feeding Your Body Whole Foods by Cynthia Lair, Therapeutic Cooking, The Story of Spices, Breast is Best by Xandria Williams, Do You Know What’s in Your Food? By Dr. Christine Farlow, Amaranth: The Protein Grain by Sabrina Marie, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 2000 Article Summary: Reconnecting with Our Food, Why is Whole Natural Sea Salt Important for Health? Stevia: The Herb that Sweetens, Letter from Selina, Naturally Leavened Bread by Jacques DeLangre, The Scoop on Flour: an Interview with David Krishoch, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Winter 2000 Article Summary: Soy: The Bean of the Future, The Mystery of Genetically Modified Foods, At Home with Feng Shui, Letter from Selina, Going “Co-Co” for Coconut Butter, The Humble Bean, Making Tofu from Scratch, Recipes.


A Grain of Salt© - Fall 1999 Article Summary: The Eyes of the Heart with Bettie B. Youngs, PhD, Overcome Degenerative Disease, etc., Loaves of Health at Natural Bridge Bakery, Letter from Selina, Sensational Sourdough Bread by Meredith McCarty, The Matrix of Health by Sabrina Marie, Spice it Up Organically, Flax Seeds Revisited, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 1999 Article Summary: Give Me Some Skin by Sabrina Marie, The Real Suds with Monica Kosinski, The Value of Authentic Vinegar by Cheryl Player, Letter from Selina, Malaysian Flair, Flax Seeds: The Little Seeds that Can, Summer Reading, Bath & Brush, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 1999 Article Summary: A Salt-Savvy Pediatrician: an interview with Dr. Esteban Genao, Change Your Oil Change Your Life by Sabrina Marie, Ghee: an Ancient Food for a Modern Era, Letter from Selina, The Incredibly Versatile Noodle, Maine Coast Sea Snack’in, What’s in a Cuppa Coffee? Focus on Grains: Wheat, Kamut and Spelt.

A Grain of Salt© - Winter 1998-99 Article Summary: The Journey to Organic Certification, Kudzu: The Healing Vine, Campaign for Real Milk, Maintaining the Alkaline Terrain, When You Can’t Say No to Chocolate, Focus on Grains: Quinoa, Y2K…What’s the Rap? Chef Al’s Healthy Kitchen, Heart Health, The Value of South Indian Spices.


A Grain of Salt© - Fall 1998 Article Summary: Japanese Foods for Health, A Gift of Health, Food Awareness & Food Therapy, Bread and Soup: Macrobiotics for Westerners, The Grain Imperative, Organic Almonds, Green Tea for Health, About the SAMAP Mill, Salt Trivia, Chemical Sensitivities, How Sweet It Is, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 1998 Article Summary: Maine Coast Sea Vegetable, Dark Amber Maple Syrup, Almonds: Upon Further Investigation, Matrix Study, Do You Have a Sweet Tooth? The Unifying Principle by Koen Van der Mere, Wildwood Farms, American Miso Master, Fire Bread, Salt Trivia, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 1998 Article Summary: May Your Medicine be the Food You Eat, Is Celtic Sea Salt Organic? Marine Martix, Get Ready for Keltic Kraut, Acupuncture, Legumes, Recipes.


A Grain of Salt© - Winter 1997 Article Summary: Ocean Vegetables for Health, Amazing Olive Oil, Chefs Discover “The Salt of Life,” Sharpen Your Culinary Senses, CoQ10: The Miracle Nutrient, Learning from Soap, A Remembrance, The Lore of Salt, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Fall 1997 Article Summary: Sinusitis, The Value of Almonds, Whole Foods Product Review, Healthy Living Seminar, Good News Canada, Natural Iodine, The Value of Fresh Ground Wheat, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 1997 Article Summary: News From France by Bill McKellar, The Human Terrain: The End of Germ Theory, Mr. Wado Kosaka and the Holin Pillow, Five Simple Keys for Healthy Living, Naturally Fermented Vegetables by Selina DeLangre, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 1997 Article Summary: Clean Water, Fact or Fiction, Toxic Showers, Selina’s Salty Suggestions, Sesame, Recipes.


A Grain of Salt© - Winter 1996 Article Summary: Celtic Sea Salt Makes Culinary Debut, Essential Seven – Oils, Good News for Canadian Salt Lovers, Water, Celtic Sea Salt & Herbs from WhiteBird, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Fall 1996 Article Summary: Vegetarianism for a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit, Members Go Wild for the Ultimate Mill, Bacteria That Keep You Healthy, Moving Notice, Q & A, Essential Oils: Lavender, Seitan, Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 1996 Article Summary: Celtic Sea Salt by JoAnn Denton, PhD, Clinical Nutritionist, In the Bag, Go Wild with Your Favorite Foods, WWWow, Picking Up Our Roots, Community Supported Agriculture: Progressive Farming Leads to Superior Baked Goods, The Ultimate Mill.

A Grain of Salt© - Spring 1996 Article Summary: The End of Germ Theory by Jacques DeLangre, PhD, Exercise! A Proper Diet Just Isn’t Enough, Dentists Now Treat the Cause of Cavities and Gum Disease by Mark Aguilera, DDS, Aromatherapy: Olfactory Pleasure & Therapeutic Benefits by Philippe Goeb, MD, Preventative Medicine: Healthy Diet, Spending Our Children’s Inheritance, Tempeh, Recipes.


A Grain of Salt© - Fall/Winter 1995 Article Summary: Wunder Brot: Naturally Leavened Bread, Biodynamically Grown Wheat, and Celtic Sea Salt, The Beautifully Chaotic Order of Nature by Lynne August, MD, Paludiers and Nuclear Weapons Testing in South Pacific by Philippe DeLangre, Are General Health Recommendations Good For Everyone? Chicken Pox Vaccines by Dr. Bruce West, Miso? Recipes.

A Grain of Salt© - Summer 1995 Article Summary: Our Commitment to You, A Marshland Paradise, Salt Analysis, Salt to Taste by Lynne August, MD, A Study of Mineral Salts & Blood Pressure, Disease & Prevention by Dr. Bruce West, What Are Umeboshi Plums? FDA Releases: Marine Matrix.