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About Selina

Selina Delangre is President and CEO of Selina Naturally®, owner of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand and other quality natural products from around the world. She is also Publisher & Editorial Director of A Grain of Salt®, a quarterly publication that focuses on the foundational principals of health & wellness through practitioners, tools and products.

Selina has been a student of healthy living for 28 years, with interests in many diverse lifestyles that promote optimal wellbeing. Her vision to co-create an environment that fosters innovation and creativity, while providing products and tools that empower the individual, has not only touched the lives of those closest to her, but has brought hope and inspiration to countless customers throughout the years.

Selina Naturally® is the exclusive distributor of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand Salt. Founded in 1976, Celtic Sea Salt® Brand has developed a reputation representing the finest salts in the world. 

Read about Jacques Delangre, founder of the Grain and Salt Society and the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand.

Our mission: "To seek out hand-crafted sustainable artisan products from around the world that inspire the individual towards optimal wellbeing."

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